Business Lunch in English with Arron „Finux“ Finnon, “Ethical Hacker” & Managing Director for Vindler GmbH

20 November 2019, Villa Bonn
Infos zur Veranstaltung
Villa Bonn
20 November 2019
Club des Affaires de la Hesse e.V.

"Digitalization and it security"

Arron "Finux" Finnon, “Ethical Hacker”


For the last Business Lunch of the year 2019, the French-German Business Club of Hesse cordially invited his members in English language!

The reason for it was that we were going international – with our first Business Lunch that would be conducted neither in French, nor in German – but in English. We were happy to welcome the internationally renowned Ethical Hacker, Arron „Finux“ Finnon, who gave us an insight into a Hacker’s view of digitalization and IT security.

This business lunch drew our attention to security risks companies are facing – not only due to technical failures, but also to a lack of sensitivity about the exposure to risks all employees have. A company can only be as secure as the weakest employee – which is not good news. Finux gave a couple of examples, experiences, stories as scary as entertaining. The goal of the keynote was not to make us paranoid or even paralyzed but just to explain how crucial it is to develop the right attitude to a so-called security routine tough. Becoming aware of the risks is an important step towards becoming part of the solution!